Dynamic microphones: I use the he usual SM-57, 58s, SM-7, Sennheiser 421, Beyer M-88, Altec, Sony, lo-fi, etc…

Condensers: Neumann CMV-563 w/ M-7 & M-55k capsules. This gets used a bunch. Also have a AT-4033, 4041, 4050, a CAD Equitek E-300. Blue Mouse (2), Geffell M-300 (2), an old AKG 451.

Ribbon mics: RCA BK-5, Beyer M-500, Shure SM-33, and an old 60s Oktava.

API 312 (9), or Hamptone Tube (2), Ampex (5x1). Plus, I have a bunch of various “lo-fi” mic pres which can be fun.


I have what’s in the board (Soundcraft Ghost), API (2), Millenia (2), Orban (1).


Universal Audio 1176, LA-2A, Manley VariMu, DBX (assorted), Ashley, MXR, RNC.


Echo: Ibanez AD-202 (2), Space Echo, Digitech digital delay (don’t laugh ~ it’s cool!).

Reverb: An old Tapco spring reverb, another weird old spring reverb, ART digital reverb (but it doesn’t get used much).

Lot’s of other weird effects and stomp boxes (plus a re-amp so they are all usable on a line-level track).


Otari MX-80 2-inch 24 track (currently in storage).
Otari MX-70 1-inch 16 track.
Otari MX5050 MkIII 1/2-inch 8 track.
Tascam 1/4-inch 4 track.
Otari 5050 1/4 –inch 2 track.
Cassette 4-tracks (Tascam & Yamaha)
Cassette decks (don’t laugh. They have their uses.)

Protools with a Apogee Rosetta 200 in front and behind it. I don’t multi-track to this. I mix to it.
Alesis Masterlink 2 track.
Zoom digital 2 track.


Lot’s of keyboards, amps, guitars, basses, banjo, uke, tiple, dulcimer, piano, organ, percussion, drums. These are available and intended to be used as long as they are taken care of.